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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 12, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a little sneak. oh, goodness if that doesn't make you smile you need to go to the cardiologist. >> the cutest video i have ever seen we will show you in a little bit. in the meantime, tucker barnes in the weather center keeping track of to steadily increasing temperatures hey tucker. >> not cute. >> not cute at all. definitely the hottest day of the month afternoon hours highs maybe 100 degrees, mix of humidity, 105 plus. satellite radar, we did have showers and thunderstorms come through last night and some of those were on the strong side you can see as the clouds stayed off to the south and east we should be looking at a mostly sunny day, chance for an isolated thunder storm later, let's get to the heat advisory later today, goes into effect 12 noon mix in temperatures near 100, humidity again feel like 105 plus dangerous heat around here for the afternoon today lots of water working outdoors make sure you check on
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the elderly, pets that kind of thing dangerous heat will stick around for one more day temperatures regan national, not comfortable 84 degrees, 84 ocean city, 82 frederick, here is your forecast sorry about that highs upper 90s 99 here in the city, 99 fredericks burg round it off, could be isolated thunder storm late in the day more details on the forecast a nice looking 5 day coming up alison back to you. >> thank you. traffic alert meantime clarks burg a small part of the commute impacted by a major gas leak started yesterday, parts of 270 northbound, clarks burg road for hours debris could be seen flying out of a manhole spewing some sort of smoke no one was hurt today the drive around there should be much better. and we have an update to a developing story we have been following all morning long an amber alert for an 8-year-old
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boy is over. >> he has been found. stay see cohen has been -- stacy cohen has been following this all morning. >> it is a good twist but by no means the end of this story good news he has been found i have been reporting all morning on his disappearence a frightening tale of a brazen abduction that took place on the streets of baltimore derek brown junior was snatched off the streets 6:30 p.m. last night with a group of friends when he was thrown into the trunk to of a car. 6:30 p.m. yesterday 300 block gwen avenue this morning 7:30 a.m. a citizen who had heard the amber alert noticed a little boy alone in an abandoned house in west baltimore, contacted authorities and turned out to be derek now there is more to the tale one person under arrest, rahim taylor, 21 years old we have a photo of him he is some body they want to question in connection with the
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incident rahim taylor they have one person under arrest, 21 years old is the second person they are looking for in connection with this case at this point we don't know why the young boy was abducted or what charges if any will follow but i can tell you the amber alert did work, the young boy appears to be safe there is a picture of rahim taylor the person they are looking for in connection with this case. one person already in custody, and medics are examining this young boy at the moment no reports of injuries to this child, and i am sure he is awaiting a reunion with his family reporting live, stacy cohen. >> thank you so much in the meantime we could be one step closer to finding out what happened to felicia barnes the 16-year-old from north carolina went missing in baltimore last december visiting more sister her body was -- visiting her sister. her body was found five months
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layer authorities are seeking access to facebook and e-mail accounts the fbi is looking into whether the 16-year-old was the victim of sexual exploitation or child pornography before she was killed. prince georges county surveillance video lead to an arrest in the murder of a well known business owner, 23-year- old ashley owen was seen inside the store shortly before the april murder of that man, richard nam that woman confessed to stabbing him with a boxcutter beating him with a chain saw stealing $2,000 in cash she then allegedly set the market on fire to try to cover up a crime >> i think it is great. why would you kill some body never did nothing wrong to no body he was a good guy. still is in my heart. god rest his soul. prince georges county police say owennam knew each other but still don't know what set off the rampage. >> another arrest in the deadly shooting of a man caught in the cross fire during the caribbean
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festival last month. monday a man was arrested two others face murder charges 43- year-old robert foster junior was shot to death after the festival parade part of it was wrapping up. emergency bill to give gun buyers a way to get their weapons into the district will be introduced at a council meeting. residents have been without a way to legally transfer guns into the area, buying a gun elsewhere and bringing it into the city is prohibited. >> i do see this as a short term fix that the government would step in, would have to apply to the atf, federal atf to be an fsl federal firearms licensee and the government would only operate if there was no private sector fsl. >> gun owners have been fighting for a way to legally have handguns in their homes
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since the supreme court ruled in 2008 dc residents can own handguns for self-protection. dc council is expected to give final approval today to the delinquent debt recovery acts of 2011 aimed at recovering millions in lost revenue from delinquent fines the measure would authorize the mayor to issue notices to debt ors to assess penaltycollection fees to debt ors the bill is similar to the one that has wielded good results in maryland. another big story this morning the debt ceiling negotiations lawmakers are back at it today. >> president will again sit down with congressional leaders to avoid a possible default on nations bills. doug luzader reports from capitol hill talk of compromise but not much action. >> they met for an hour and a half yesterday today they will pick up right where they left off. it is becoming groundhog day at
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the white house. >> all right guys, this is the same as yesterday except we are wearing ties today. all right. with a verbal shove out the door reporters were left guessing how another day of talks went but we are creeping closer and closer to that august 2nd debt ceiling deadline where some of the nations bills could go unpaid there are reports the president is backing an increase in medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 but two areas he won't budge taxes he says must go up and he is not interested in a short term deal that would require more debt talks as he is running for re-election next year. >> i will not sign a 30 day or 60 day or 90 day extension that is just not an acceptable approach. >> new taxes in any form including an end to deductions are not going to fly with republicans. >> american people will not accept and the house cannot
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pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> all of which means they will be back in this room again today wearing different ties no doubt but position are not likely to change. >> we might as well do it now. pull off the band aid, eat our peas. [ laughter ] >> this does come down to what can get through congress many republicans will not consider anything that involve as tax increase many democrats won't consider anything that doesn't involve a tax increase. in washington doug luzader, fox news. later this afternoon at the white house president obama will award the medal of honor to army sergeant first class arthur petri he will receive it for courageous actions in afghanistan 2008 he is only the second living active duty soldier to get the award he will be awarded in the east room of the white house in front of his wife and other family members. another big story private funeral service held in
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california for former first lady betty ford she will be remembered at st. margaret's church in palm dessert among those a-- desert. today's service is invitation only but will be televised following the funeral the public is invited to file past mrs. ford's casket and sign a guest book until midnight. some other top stories montgomery county council taking up a proposed curfew for teens 18 and younger the bill would impose an 11:00 p.m. curfew sunday through thursday nights and 12:01 a.m. curfew on the weekends, minors will be barred from public places in the county until 5:00 a.m. the next morning parents could be held responsible for allowing children to violate that curfew. >> montgomery county council expected to discuss a proposed
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smoking ban today pertains to indoor common areas, multifamily dwellings, hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms the ban would also apply within 25 feet of a playground area, the regulation would not apply to playgrounds owned by maryland national capitol park and planning commission. the only space walk planned is now under way crew of atlantis spent much of monday unloading a year's worth of supplies using a robotic arm astronauts got a triple dose of good news they will spend an extra day at the space station shuttle is in good shape and a piece of space debris is no long aerothreat for today's space walk. the walk is being done by two astronauts already at the space station. americans detained in egypt. we will let you know why they were picked up overseas. united states formally protesting an attack on the american embassy in syria the latest there and a local professor weighs in on
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international issues stay with us we will be right back it is 9:10 a.m. 
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9:13 a.m., egypt detaining four americans for shooting video near the suez canal, locals stopped them and turned them over to military police questioning them, this is happening in cairo they claim to be journalists but didn't have credentials the u.s. embassy in cairo says it is aware of detained americans but not giving any more details. brother of afghanistan -- the brother of the afghanistan leader was assassinated at his home overnight the younger half brother of hamid karzai elected as representative for the southern afghan region but implicated in afghanistan's drug trade it is not the first time that he has been a target
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there was an assassination attempt on him in 2009. 10 members of britain's royal family and their staff are among the thousands allegedly hacked by journalists at the now closed news of the world newspaper. there is growing pressure from news corps shareholders here in the u.s. they are filing suit against the parent company of fox 5 news. the white house has been going after companies that pay bribes forgetting foreign contracts. now to attacks on the u.s. embassy in sierran grey mobs ransacked the embassy, they tore letters off the front of the building and spray painted messages like the american ambassador is a dog following visits by the u.s. ambassador last week. hillary clinton said the president officiary has lost legitimacy.
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>> he is not indy penceable we have absolute -- indespencable we have nothing invested in him remaining in power our will is to see the people's will occurs. >> u.s. is demanding compensation for the damage the french embassy was also attacked yesterday. >> some 2,000 people reportedly died at the hands of the syrian army since protests started earlier this year. for more on the situation in syria, we are joined by jack goldstone professor george mason school of public policy thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> let's talk about what the secretary of state, has the president lost legitimacy. >> i think he has the u.s. has been slow toking knowledge this. we have to -- to acknowledge this. we have to remember even though syria is an alley of iran and played a role in the region, the u.s. has been reluctant to
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see another area of disorder in addition to what has been happening in the region. it appears the syrian government has gone too far in sponsoring busting in mobs to attack embassies we have made it clear we don't think ahsad is doing a job in keeping the area stable. >> the u.s. you say are slow to respond but the u.s. really has its plate full when it comes to what is happening in these countries up risings, some of these leaders being forced out almost like a juggling act. >> very complicated situation the thing to remember while we have been worried about the budget deficit and caylee trial there has been a sweeping world changing revolution under way in the middle east. and remember it took us five years to win our independence from great britain if our alley it is french had sate it is complicated they are not -- had said it is complicated they are not succeeding, we have to wait
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these struggles will take months some times even years. >> very good point in the case officiary, fair to say the attacks yesterday were organized? >> they were retribution the u.s. and french ambassadors both visited hamas a town in central syria the focus of the largest protests against the regime and this was seen as interference by ahsads regime they wanted to send a message, two messages one stay out of our affairs it wasn't right for your ambassadors to go support our protestors and second look at the disrecord their can arise if we are not in charge -- disorder that can arise if we are not in charge but it backfired. >> even if it is organized disorder that occurs the u.s. is protesting attacks calling senior syrian diplomat in, protesting to him and demanding better protection for
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diplomatic missions is there anything else the u.s. can do besides that? >> right now the u.s. should get strong vocal support of protection of human rights and criticism of excess oppression by the syrian regime we don't have to do much more we already have sanctions in place and the economy officiary is starting to feel the pain from -- officiary is starting to feel the pain. it has already caused syria the friendship of turkey, it will gradually move over to the opposition and leave the regime isolated. >> let's talk about libya we talked about the administration having a juggling act going on seems the media can only focus on one or two of these stories, libya has fallen by the wayside but things are bad. >> things are an ongoing struggle but gadhafi's regime is weakening day by day
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supporters are peeling away moral and troops are going downhill and supplies of oil have just been cut off by rebels in southern part of the country gadhafi's position is weakening all we need to do is keep applying slow, steady pressure in conjunction with nato partners it is just a matter of months at the most before his regime falls down. >> we appreciate the incite, thank you professor goldstone w the school of public policy george mason. >> always glad to visit. >> safe travels too. alison back to you. jury selection is done in the roger clemens purgery trial when opens statements will begin. >> plus holly morris is at csi camp this morning. >> reporter: i am trying to figure out who didn't like fred. dead fred is our victim we and he are trying to figure out who dun it. you are right we signed up for the first ever csi camp it is
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your chance for your kid to be an actual crime scene investigator, the opportunity is coming up in a few weeks we will tell you how to take part live later. just complementing folks in the studio first a trivia question in which american city is the greatest amount of ketchup eating? would you think new orleans? >> i wouldn't. >> new york city? >> probably. >> perhaps the golden gate city. >> the golden gate city. >> what is san francisco nickname tucker? >> whatever san francisco tucker you spent a lot of time there how do you not know that? answers coming up later if you want to take a guess head to our facebook page fox 5 morning news is back after the break  [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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checking this mornings top stories, wikileaks founder is back in custody. he is facing extradition to sweden for rape and molestation. wikileaks provided classified reports about detainees at guantanamo bay. haines worth will go on trial august 21st for sexual assault he is accused of putting his credit card into a waitresses bra and fondling her at the w hotel bar. it carry as maximum 6 months in jail and $1,000 fine. >> judge in roger clemens purgery trial says he won't question potential jurors decid
9:26 am
opening arguments -- deciding opening arguments start later. more on the casey anthony trial. >> one thing i never really bought was the duct tape was placed at a later time because you could look at that duct tape and tell that it has been aged but as far as where the duct tape was, at the initial point into where it was when the body was found that was argued and that is where a lot of the discrepancy was. >> juror 11 organize straited the jury deliberations. i am telling you stay tuned we have one to have best videos ever i think, sleepy baby giving us all a morning smile we are going to show you that cute video it will make you smile coming up. also up and running a brand new esculator now open at foggy
9:27 am
bottom metro station we will hear from very excited riders next. >> traffic concerns over the move of walter reed army medical center why one local senator says it shouldn't be too big of a problem straight ahead. 9:26 a.m. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens!
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i don't know if i can handle it tony. >> take a look. >> here is something that will make you smile oh, i didn't hear the sound on it. the latest youtube sensation shows this little precious baby girl who just can't get enough sleep. >> she keeps waking up i guess her parents are entertaining her she smiles so happy falls right back to sleep into a deep sleep and then within seconds wakes up again with the prettiest little smile, falls asleep again this goes on for just over 2 minutes. the latest viral video i saw it
9:31 am
on huffington yesterday she is adorable. this is the longst period where she is sleeping. >> then she wakes up again i guess she is at that age where the head is heavy hard to hold up wakes up smiles, happy and then falls right back to sleep again. very very cute. >> i got to see that baby like awake now >> i have watched that six or seven times just makes you feel good really does. we are going to have it on our website. someone tell us how to find it and we will tell you take a look. here we go again. >> okay. >> oh, my goodness. she is so precious. >> right back to sleep. >> and you got to believe she does this all the time because her parents were ready with the camera. >> watch. >> and i'm out. >> what you don't know is that he does the same thing when he wakes up in the morning he is this joyful. >> he told you.
9:32 am
>> things just took a bizarre turn you are the one who did it. >> i kind of did do it. >> find out what is happen being weather. >> all right guys looking very hot, humid hot and humid in here too. and going to be hot the next couple days. >> today is the bad day. >> it will get better after today sunny and hot by hot we mean extremely hot highs warmer than yesterday, yesterday mid- 90s today upper 90s. triple digits a possibility later today your heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. this evening, widely scattered storm isolated storm risk, so we are not going to get much relief in the way of thunderstorms, if you do want relief tomorrow, in the 90s better and better rest of the week temperature regan national, 84 degrees off and running across the region. gaithersburg burg, 81, frederick 86 lots of 80s entire
9:33 am
area, 80s. annapolis 81 again temperatures well into the 90s by noon hour then we will see how close we get to 100. if we do, that will be a brand new record. we are not the only ones talking about the heat across the eastern third of the nation here and our expected high 99 degrees take a look could be worse and will be worse off to our south and west, chattanooga, 103, birmingham, 100 mix in humidity, 110 plus. dangerous heat for another day and then at least during the washington area, squash it south and east with cooler and dryer air as we get into tomorrow. satellite radar, showers thunderstorms moving through last night off to a steamy start and lots of heat and humidity in the forecast a cold front out here you can't really see it because the air is not a lot cooler but drier later tonight, tomorrow a little dryer and will start that cool down as we get into the end of the week this will be the worst
9:34 am
of it and then gradually better toward the end of the week. 99 your daytime high again mixing in humidity 105 plus. heat advisory, 12 noon hot, humid, isolated thunder storm risk later tonight partly cloudy mild a few early storms and then we will go with muggy overnight 77, no real relief tonight, relief gets in here late in the day tomorrow 92 a few thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon thursday, friday and saturday absolutely perfect around here, temperatures a few degrees below normal, with low humidity, we are going to pay for it today, it will get nice before the end of the week that is a look at your forecast stay cool lots of water back to you. >> thank you sir. >> monitoring metro this morning riders and we got good news for a change riders at fog by bottom metro are thrilled with a new esculator, the metro
9:35 am
forward project set aside $150 million to repair and replace esculators over the next few years for metro passengers any movement is a step in the right direction. >> really, i mean it is nice better than walking up it for sure and smooth so i like it. >> we are putting in not the lowest bid kind of esculators we are putting in esculators, rugged industrial strength. >> as part of this project, foggy bottom will get two more esculators a staircase and canopy of the 588 metro esculators 100 were out of service as of monday. >> maryland senator says there will be direct funding to help our area when walter reed army medical center moves. fox 5s. karen grey houston says people are not convinced the government can do enough to help. >> reporter: getting back and forth from the naval hospital to the metro station is already
9:36 am
a challenge people are coping the best way they can with an eye to the future. >> see i don't drive and i am a native new yorker, so it is going to be what it is going to be but they are on their way. >> with 2500 walter reed hospital employees and 60% of its patients moving here, it will only get worse. >> there is still going to be significant grid lock in this area. >> senator carden took a tour of the national naval center which already has 5,000 employees of its own and fisher house temporary home to relative who is come here to visit wounded warriors, the good news he says is that with the move from walter reed, mere months down the road help is already on the way. >> we got direct funding under the access program that will bring money to this area, to deal with the unique traffic problems of wisconsin avenue. >> tell that to people who live nearby right across the street from the military hospital.
9:37 am
all they can think about is the expected traffic nightmare. >> because it is awful now getting out on wisconsin avenue during rush hour traffic especially 5 -- from 3:00 p.m. on it is terrible. >> reporter: a few blocks down the street at the 8,000 barbershop there were fewer complaints. >> it will be great. >> reporter: why do you say that. >> have a lot of business for us. >> reporter: he is less concerned about parking and traffic woes but for those who are, metro says it is on target for that pedestrian tunnel under wisconsin avenue plus a second entrance to the medical center station all funded through brack karen grey houston fox 5 news. no real timeline on when the tunnel will be finished construction will start within the next year or so. there is a new home run derby champion. >> popular all-star break competition took place last night highlights and more on what you can expect from the all-star game, that happens
9:38 am
tonight. stay with us pgh >> first today's trivia yes, is that tony bennett? ♪ [ music ] >> it is the battle of the great singers. >> yes, it is. >> which american city is the greatest amount of ketchup consumed new orleans, new york city, san francisco can't wait to hear new orleans music. >> wonder who will be singing you think harry connack junior. >> got to be. >> dr. john. >> go to our facebook page we will be right back lysol neutra air fabric mist
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9:41 a.m. a new home run derby champion popular all-star break competition came down to boston's adrian gonzalez and the yankees, cano would beat
9:42 am
him out by one homer catch the all-star game tonight right here on fox 5 our coverage begins 8:00 p.m. we turn to the stunning come back by u.s. women's world cup team player from dumb frees virginia was a major part of that win she is now in the worldwide spotlight. beth parker has a look at the hometown hero. >> 14 month old owen is moving fast he can already say the word ball, what his family is yelling now is go alley. >> win it for the usa here. >> reporter: alley bought this jersey for little owen, she is a prince county native who helped her team come from behind in the woman's world cup against brazil. kristin was yelling so loudly she frightened baby owen.
9:43 am
>> we scared the daylights out of him a up withle times, my mom and i jumping and screaming. >> reporter: she played soccer with alley as kids that is alley bottom left her dad is the coach. >> almost surreal to say i have played with her that is exciting. >> when alley played here at forst park she was gatorade's virginia player of the year and took her team to the state quarter finals her coach knew the first time he saw her play she was something special. >> once in a lifetime type of talent you kind of go thank you glad to have you. >> he coached alley 2001 to 2003 forest park high school. >> she was almost faster with the ball on her feet than running straight up. >> she played at penn state over came a broken leg and blood clot. >> having the ability to make the national team is almost a movie it should be made into a movie she has worked her butt off and deserves what she gets. >> she and her team play again
9:44 am
wednesday. >> owen. >> kick it. kick it. >> the rest of prince william county will be cheering beth parker fox 5 news. could become a movie. >> that would be great. forget basketball camp this summer head to csi camp where our holly morris is live this morning learning what it takes to be a detective we will check in with her next. >> one event is getting under way that will help out military families, sarah simmons is there checking in with some very busy students we will take you there when fox 5 morning news continues, it is 9:44 a.m. 
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9:47 am
the crime and punishment museum is hosting a csi camp this month. >> holly morris is there today. >> can i ask a quick question is this too heavy for some of
9:48 am
these kids? they are dealing with heavy stuff there. >> reporter: it is heavy stuff but i think if you have the right age and know the maturity level of your kid that is perfect my nephew when he was 14 loved watching csi with his mom, this camp would have been right up his alley they have a lesser experience that starts as young as 10 but then a more advanced one that starts 12 and up. it is really fun interesting educational in the process and gives you a chance to be inside the crime and punishment museum always a cool place to go. i am back with jackie and emily our two forensic experts they really are forensic experts this is not a fake badge so jackie tell us what your education is. >> i've got my masters in forensic science concentration in crime scene investigation from george washington. >> emily you are in school. >> same program, i am in
9:49 am
school. this is fun but the real deal. >> it is we use real techniques we have learned from professors in the field and have a lot of experience in crime labs. >> the camp lasts five days depend on the age, determines the length of the camp look at my wonderful detectives we have our blood spatter coats on have you enjoyed it so far? >> yes. >> what is your favorite thing. >> getting fingerprints. >> that seems to be very popular let's talk about a few more things before we go that kids are going to get to experience startling with. >> document evidence we have a document from the killer that we have to do a little analysis on we come and use this machine here, it is called a video spectral compare tar if the killer tries to scratch things out we can look at it. >> everyone needs one of those.
9:50 am
>> yep. >> very handy. >> so it reads right through that. >> yep you can see right through the obliterated writing and read the name of his company, suspicious inc that is where fred works we got to talk to coworkers and see what is going on. >> part of the camp experience too is not only evidence collection and evidence analysis but you go through the whole process our next step would be. >> interviewing. >> interviewing witnesses right? >> so where do we begin. >> well, let's see if our campers have ideas if we had a coworker of foredoes and wanted to ask questions what would you ask? >> anyone have a question >> i think we should ask them where they were during the scene of the crime. >> where they were at the time the crime happened excellent question. where were you? >> i was probably at my house. >> probably at my house >> i think there is a little shifty eyes there.
9:51 am
okay. >> what is next? anybody else have a question. >> did fred have any enemies. >> good question. who else would we interview other than coworkers. >> fred's wife. >> what would we ask fred's wife? >> have you had any arguments. >> then what do you thing they might have been arguing about? >> money. >> money. i think she might be on to something. >> anything else? >> well, this is fred he is going to have a complex life so in addition to coworkers and wife we have to talk to friends maybe family how about a brother maybe a neighbor what do you think? >> has fred been acting suspicious lately. >> good question now after this experience, any of you think that you might think this would be a cool thing to go into? how many people would do more? definitely? was this too heavy for any of you or you all still cool.
9:52 am
>> great. >> they are all still cool. >> tony was concerned i had to ask that. is our website we have a link to the crime and punishment website, camps are coming up in a few weeks they are ones for different ages and prices check it out the big question is who killed fred should we tell them? >> no we are not going to tell them you have to come here and solve the crime yourself. back to you in stud owe. >> leave us hanging. >> tell us when we come back we won't tell. >> more than 200 student leadedders from around the country are creating care backpacks. >> delivered in time for the upcoming school year sarah simmons is live at the washington navy yard learning more about this special event good morning sarah. >> good morning tony and alison you mentioned over 200 that's right over 200 students around the country even from london that are here as well for this event we are at the navy yard
9:53 am
live part of the student leadership summit put on by bank of america charitable foundation with us to talk about this, is the president of the foundation carrie sullivan tell us about what the students are -- they are packing backpackcare packages what is this for? >> right students are here at dc for their summit leadership summit they are here to explore not only their own leadership but giving back to community service they are here working with operation home front providing over 2,000 backpacks for children of military families who are serving our country and they are working in teams and are really having a lot of enthusiasm about this. >> what is student leadership summit? how are students chosen to participate. >> from 44 communities across the country as well as uk but chosen because they have shown a commitment to service whether that be in their community or
9:54 am
school and they are selected very rigorous process to come to dc for the summit and also participate in an 8 week internship at a nonprofit in their community. >> all of these students will go back home some may be at their internship longer than others but what is the purpose why is it you feel it necessary and that we need to make sure and work with these nonprofits, why is this so near and dear to your heart. >> a couple reasons one we are trying to develop the next generation of leaders these students will go on and have that commitment to service. and quite frankly in this down turn economy nonprofits need their help. demand for services on nonprofits, particularly critical needs are up these students are stepping in providing an extra pair of hands this summer and the other nice thing about it, is unemployment is so high it gives them the opportunity to earn money for college and other expenses over the summer. >> carrie i know we were
9:55 am
talking about students from around the country we wanted to talk with someone working feverishly amy phillips is a local student from northern virginia, tell me what got you involved with this. >> well, i have always had a passion for volunteerism when i saw an advertisement on the internet i applied got accepted and been involved. >> so you are working at the ymca. >> yes, i am doing health and wellness program development we have done programs for senioryouth to keep them active, fit and healthy. >> amy how old are you? >> 18. >> can you believe that? she is 18 years old, look at her giving back working at the ymca i know she needs to get back to packing backpacks they have a lot of work to do competing here feverishly as well we have seen a lot of competition with students they are hoping to get these packed within the next few hours we will be here watching back to you guys. >> great stuff thank you.
9:56 am
coming up last look at the 5 day forecast and. >> answer to today's trivia question stay with us 
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dr. john what did i tell you frank for new york. >> tony san francisco. >> time for the answer to today's trivia question. the big easy. >> i thought it would be new york just from the sheer numbers and in new orleans they have other spicecondiments. >> you don't put no ketchup on no po boys do you? >> no. >> yum bailie yeah. >> i love new orleans. >> you -- jumbalaya. >> you spend much time down there? >> no but i love it. >> hotter here than


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